Getting a Workout While Serving

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Behind the Scenes

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Reading in the Schools Day 2014

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Each of you did an incredible job!  Did you enjoy it?  Leave a comment about what this experience meant to you, how it made you feel, or what you learned by participating.


Hey, kids.  Get your parents/guardians to fill out this survey please.  It’s less than two minutes of questions about Smyrna West.

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Painting for Habitat

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Students painted beautiful bowls to donate to the Habitat for Humanity Cookin’ to Build fundraiser.  ’Great to see students spending some of their free time doing something to help the community!

Dystopian Fiction – It’s What All the Cool Kids are Reading

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Dystopian fiction creates a world that is the opposite of a utopia:  it’s an utterly horrible society that is generally headed to an irreversible oblivion.  It usually tells of a futuristic society with tons of social control — something students at our school can relate to (not funny?).  The genre is having a bit of a moment lately (check out the movie selections!) and there are many titles that have been flying off the shelves of our library lately.  The Matched Trilogy is one of my favorites:


Other titles/series students have been reading include Divergent, The Hunger Games, Legend, Delirium, The Giver, The Maze Runner, and The Selection.  Check out this list for others you might enjoy.  Try one today — you’ll be hooked!

Choose Your Photographer Wisely

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deanna selfie 2…because you just might find this kind of surprise on your camera.


RIS Presentation ’14

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Great job, 4th period!
Loved the way you encouraged your peers to step out of their comfort zone, pick a good book, and be ready to read to elementary students.
21 students have signed up!

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See How Much…

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…we have in common!

isaiah'sgroup stevenIt’s so much more than just ‘we all have teeth.’
There are so many things we humans have in common.