Let It Shine

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let it shine

We must remember to bravely shine our light — to share our happiness, our creativity, our stories, our dreams, all the gifts we have to offer this world.  Sometimes misery does want company, but sometimes the people around us need to see that there is light.  It will help them remember their own light.   So be brave!  Shine your light.  What positive ripple effect will you start this week?

Ice “Cup” Challenge – Even Little Kids are Doing It

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ice cup


You’ve seen the videos.  Heroes of all types — athletes, celebrities, those suffering from ALS, teens, families, entire companies — are taking the challenge to raise money for ALS.  This young group of elementary students put their own spin on it. Students were allowed to dump a cup of ice on their own heads if they raised at least $1 to donate to the cause.  What a great way to incorporate REAL service into their study of heroes.  Way to go!  See full story here.

Create. Conquer. Achieve.

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work hard

Seniors! Get Busy!

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tn promise 2

Beginning with the Class of 2015, Tennessee Promise will provide Tennessee high school graduates the opportunity to attend a community or technical college free of tuition and fees.  You have until November 1 to apply for the Tennessee Promise program.  Find out more information at this LINK and follow them on Twitter at @TNPromise.

You Think You Know Struggle

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Because You Can

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One of my students should apply for this. You are more than capable. You’ve seen the impact you can make. Apply today (before August 1) to be part of the NYLC Youth Advisory Council.  Here’s the LINK to the application.  Do it!



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The name sounds like a new action movie title, but I bet many of you could use this to increase success in your language classes.  All it takes is a library card (see me for more info.) and it’s free.  Click here for more information..



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iphone speaker

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” ~Charles Darwin