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Make Movie Clip Messages

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Use CRUMBLE to make tiny videos that transfer your words to movie clips.  Example:  Congratulations!  You have accomplished great stuff* and you are better than before.


Click the link or photo to see an example and then make your own to send to a friend.

*word choices are limited….thus the use of “stuff”


Download this Wallpaper

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Do it!  Download this wallpaper for your phone.  Then follow the advice.readabookinsteadClick on image to go to download.

Let’s Get This One Right

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this yearTake time to review and reflect on 2014 before preparing for a FIERCE 2015.

Reflect on the highlights, the disappointments, and the game changers (unexpected events that changed your viewpoint).  What did you put most of your time into?  What did you forget to do?  Why didn’t you get around to those things you forgot?  How does this reflection inform your plans for 2015?  What do you need to do to make 2015 the best possible year for YOU?


“If They Have a Good Heart, They Will”

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rise by lifting othersI was recently contacted by a former student who was mentioning how much he enjoyed my class, especially the opportunity to tutor elementary students.  I am so proud of SWA’s involvement in the Teen Trendsetters program — this is our fifth (or sixth?) year! — and how it’s helped so many young students become better readers and lovers of books.  More importantly, I love how the program gives our students an opportunity to mentor and tutor young children who enjoy the one-on-one attention.

I’ve witnessed shy, reluctant, and even unwilling teens become the best mentors to our young friends.  They learn how to be encouraging to students who aren’t confident in their reading ability.  They learn patience and show kindness when third-graders’ stories about pets or Pokemon become a little longwinded.  They begin to understand the positive impact they can have on others and their priorities begin to shift just a little:  the inwardly-focused, disengaged teen slowly becomes a positive force in our community who looks for ways to make the world a better place.

As I was talking to that former student, I mentioned that we were getting ready to tutor and I hoped my current students would enjoy it as much as he did.  He said, “If they have a good heart, they will.”  They do.  They will.



Midterm Exams are Coming!

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The Few and The Brave

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Spoken Word Poetry Readings
inspired by our Southern Word partners:DSCF2429


So PROUD of this group!

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