Be Kind

John Green wrote in The Fault in Our Stars that “the marks humans leave are too often scars.”  I have been reminded of this quote in the last few days as people (mostly adults) have been hurling insults at others regarding recent Supreme Court decisions.   I just want to remind you guys to be kind to one another.  Your words are strong enough to hurt others.  Be careful with your words and know that we are all—every single one of us—in this together; we do not have to agree with one another in order to be kind.taste your words


Gandhi’s Got Some Good Advice

IMG_5505The Leadership Group used parts of this quote in their presentation encouraging young students to lead positive lives (and, consequently, avoid #alted school).  This is such important advice.  The students who make the most positive changes while at our school seem to be the ones who spend energy on just that:  positive changes.  Why waste energy on complaining when you can spend energy on what you love and what you dream for your future?  Students, focus your thoughts, words, and behaviors on this positive.  Make good things happen.

Guest Post from Level 3s and 4s

IMG_5411Our time here has been a great experience; it has helped us with our manners and grades. It was tough at first, but once we got used to it, it became easier. We’ve done so many things to help out like tutoring kids, working at the food bank, and talking to 5th graders about not bullying. This school has helped improve our behaviors a lot. It also has changed our minds about making the same mistake we made to get sent here. Despite the fact that we’ve had many opportunities to participate in service projects, we DO NOT encourage you to get sent here. We’ve learned important lessons and we won’t make the same mistakes again.

– John, Enrique, and Cameron

Got Facebook? Please do this!

thanks targetClick HERE.  All you have to do is choose Smyrna West (it actually says ‘Smyrna Elementary West’) and write a 140 character message thanking an SWA teacher.  Our school will get $25—think of all the library books we could buy!!!  Please.  Come on, you can be creative if you have to:  “Thank you, Mrs. Messerly, for handing me a pencil.”  “Thank you, Mrs. Messerly, for letting me turn in the book I didn’t like.”  Or, just be honest:  “Mrs. Messerly ROCKS!”

Coming Soon to a Library Near You

‘Hope you’re having a good weekend.  Your humble librarian has been working diligently to enter our new books into the catalog system so they’re ready for you to borrow.  Somewhere between Instagramming your dinner and updating your status to “Why did I eat so many pancakes? #blessed,” take a moment to consider some of the awesome new books coming soon to a library near you.  See you Monday!14th goldfist afterworlds boot campP.S.  I’ll find a better way to let you know what we have.  How does Book Speed Dating sound?  It’s gonna’ happen!