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March 22, 2016
by messerlyk


Students are sharing their favorite books, favorite book quotes, and the names of books they are currently reading. Beautifully decorated posters are being shared via the library Twitter account and authors are being tagged so they’ll see that kids LOVE their books. Thanks, Coert Voorhees, for recognizing and appreciating the students who love your work!
voorheesIMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1689Add your voice:  What’s your favorite book?
What quote from a book do you love?
What are you reading right now?

(pictures by Titan, Jonathan, and Emily)

February 23, 2016
by messerlyk

Welcome, Courtney Stevens!


Students will have the opportunity to meet Courtney Stevens when she visits Smyrna West on March 10th.  Select students will then get to attend the SE-YA Book Festival at MTSU the next day.  The festival is open to the public on Saturday, March 12.  Check HERE from more information.  And, students, be sure to read Faking Normal or The Lies About Truth as soon as you can!

January 31, 2016
by messerlyk

SE-YA Book Festival


The SE-YA Book Festival will be here soon.  Which books have you read?  See the list HERE.  Sadly, we don’t have many of them in our school library, but you can borrow them from the Linebaugh Public Library System (see me if you don’t have a library card).  Oakland High School has started an excellent online book discussion.  I send you there just to see their collection of book reviews and book trailers for many of the authors who will be attending the festival: CLICK HERE.  We’ll be learning soon how Smyrna West students will be selected to attend the festival.  Hint:  READ!

December 16, 2015
by messerlyk

Soar to New Heights

Edited to announce:  Let it be known that we were HONORABLY MENTIONED in the contest.
That means we won $100!!!
The judges said we should have included the words (subtitles) to the rap.  (Hmmmmm.  I think someone may have suggested that.)

No worries!  We worked hard and produced a great product that celebrates just a bit of the good things happening at Smyrna West.

2015-2016 NAEA Video Contest Entry
Great job, 2nd period!


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