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Fresh Start


I know!  It’s so crazy hard to get back into school after a nice holiday break.  You’ve been sleeping late, eating mostly chips or candy, and wearing your pajamas more often than not.  I’ll give you one day of hazy, zombie-ish  behavior (I may do the same).  One day.  But that’s it.  We’ve got to get busy with the rest of our lives and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to do so.  It’s time to make your resolutions, choose your focus words, decorate your vision board, and visualize what you are going to make of your life.  You’ve memorized what we say each morning after the announcements: “Make it a great day!”  Remember that you–only you–have the power to make it a great day.  Same goes for your life.  Don’t let other people define you or dictate your mood.  Each day focus on what YOU need to do to reach your goals.  You can do this!


#youmatter #youdeservetobehappy

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