I Saw You Reading

February 1, 2017
by messerlyk

We Won!!! First Place!!!

Our video won first place in the National Alternative Education Association’s video contest!!!  Thank you to all the students who helped make it happen:  Javarius L., Cora L., Sabrina P., Jackson G., Carley S., Elijah E., Jayla J., Kelli-Marie M., Ross K., and  Triston A.

Here is the “blooper reel” to see some of the hard work that went into the making of the short video above:



December 16, 2015
by messerlyk

Soar to New Heights

Edited to announce:  Let it be known that we were HONORABLY MENTIONED in the contest.
That means we won $100!!!
The judges said we should have included the words (subtitles) to the rap.  (Hmmmmm.  I think someone may have suggested that.)

No worries!  We worked hard and produced a great product that celebrates just a bit of the good things happening at Smyrna West.

2015-2016 NAEA Video Contest Entry
Great job, 2nd period!


November 2, 2012
by messerlyk

They’re At It Again

We’ve been busy making videos the last six weeks.  Three anti-drug/tobacco PSAs and an entry in the NAEA’s “Finding My Way” video contest.  Watch a short one here, then head over to our YouTube channel to see some more.

February 24, 2012
by messerlyk

National Alternative Education Association Conference

Students exceeded all expectations when they presented a 1 1/2 hour presentation at the NAEA Conference.  Their presentation was titled “Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones” and it focused on the ways students use the programs at SWA to make positive changes in their lives.  They received a standing ovation—and it was well-deserved.

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