I Saw You Reading



Rotary Presentation 1/13


Dallas and Sean at Food Bank

Gavin, Jonathan, and Michael, SL Class, 10/12


Miss Sue!

SL Celebration, Maple Street Grill


Graduation Party for Brent C.  Congrats!

Grad. Party for Brent C. ~Congrats! 8/14


  1. Thanks Mrs.Messerly it was my pleasure and im always trying to help out. It was awesome learning exactly what librarians do and i loved helping you out. If theres anything you ever need just let me know and im here to help:)!! Have a great summer:)

  2. Kious, I love the way you took on a leadership role in the program and the great connections you made with your students. Thanks for all you do—- especially as you help in the library. You’re the best under 18 librarian I’ve ever known!

  3. I am very glad to be part of this Teen Trendsetters program, it was a blast to help and to hang out with these amazing kids. If you thinking of doing something like this, go ahead and do it you will have a wonderful time.!!
    -Kious Davis

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