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May 1, 2011
by messerlyk
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Service Learning Collaboration


Students studied the pop-up art of Robert Sabuda.  They learned to create pop-up greeting cards and then worked with the elementary students they tutor to create ‘thank you’ cards for soldiers serving in Afghanistan.  These cards were mailed along with care packages filled with snacks, games, and requested toiletries.  You, too, can find out what soldiers need by visiting anysoldier.com.



February 8, 2011
by messerlyk

Why We Love TTRM


Scheduling conflicts caused us to miss our tutoring session last week.  Shortly after arriving today, one of the second-grade students asked his tutor if he could come talk to me.  As he walked my way, I anticipated him telling of a conflict with my student.  However, he came over to tell me that last week he was sitting at his desk waiting for us to come, and he was getting ‘angrier and angrier’ as he waited.  I had to explain why we missed and thank him for sharing his feelings.

My students and I all enjoyed a laugh as I shared this with everyone when we returned to the school.  He wanted me to know how upset he was (he basically walked over to blast me in his sweet little second-grade way).  His tutor was beaming with pride with the knowledge that his little friend missed him and enjoys his visits.  Moreover, all of the students got to enjoy the knowledge that their presence is important and were reminded how important their work is.  Awesome.

November 30, 2010
by messerlyk

Teens Tutoring

jonmichaelttrmThis is the third year that SWA has participated in Teen Trendsetters Reading Mentors (TTRM) and it’s still my favorite program!  Despite the groaning and dread from most of the students when they first learn of their involvement, there are smiles all around after just one tutoring session.  Our little friends at the local elementary school love the extra attention and are able to develop and strengthen reading skills.  My students gain leadership skills, confidence, and the knowledge that they can have a very important and positive impact on others in their community.  Love it!

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